"We can't hear you, you're muted."

Tap2Talk is an easy-to-use mute button for video conferencing.

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  • Introducing your computer's new mute button.

    Tap2Talk was designed to make muting and unmuting yourself during video conferencing fast and easy–with just the tap of a button.

Just tap to talk in your next meeting.

Whether you're multitasking and need to unmute quickly to answer a question, or need to mute yourself because of outside noises, Tap2Talk is the solution for you.

How It Works

It takes less than 2 minutes to setup Tap2Talk. Download the Talk2Tap app. Plug Tap button into the USB port on any Windows based computer. Whenever you use your Tap2Talk button, the window your meeting is in will be brought to the front of the screen.

  • Tap to mute/unmute

    It's that simple. Think of it an extension to your keyboard.

  • Opens meeting window

    Tap2Talk automatically opens the window your meeting is in so you don't have to find it first.

  • Easy Setup

    Once you've downloaded the Tap2Talk app, all you have to do is plug in Tap2Talk. Then you're ready to go!


  • <1 Second

    Tap2Talk allows you to quickly control your microphone in less than a second. No more awkward silence.

  • Headphones Optional

    Works with all wired and Bluetooth microphones synced to your computer.

  • Portability

    Durable, lightweight, and portable.  Work the way you want at home or in the office.

  • Our Guarantee

    The quality construction is designed to survive over 10,000 meetings. Includes free updates to the app to make sure you are always in the conversation.

Supported Voice Conferencing Apps

The latest versions of the most popular voice conferencing apps are supported for our initial launch. Stay tuned as we develop Tap2Talk to support even more in the near future!  

Windows & Chromebook Compatible

Microsoft Windows operating system is currently supported in its latest version.

Chromebooks using Zoom are now supported. Just plug in and play. (No Tap2Talk app download required.)

We will continue to build the Tap2Talk app for other operating systems and versions.